Important international recognition for Ceramiche Noi , the company that only 2 years ago risked the closure and relocation of the previous property to Armenia, but which then converted into a cooperative, restarting stronger than before.

Yesterday (13 July) a delegation of the company from Città di Castello was in fact present on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival – invited by the organization – to award Berry Alexander Brown (pictured in the middle), director and producer of Spike Lee , with a unique piece created by the workers of Tifernati.

The Embrace Award , conceived by the cooperative, is an award that recalls an embrace that symbolizes Peace and Hope. ” We decided to be inspired by the embrace – comments Lorenzo Giornelli , commercial director of the company and creator of the Award (the first on the left in the photo) – because for a year now the entire world population has had to isolate itself and therefore the affection that only a squeeze can give has failed. We have chosen this as a symbol of resilience and hope . Finally we can go back to embracing each other so it was right to celebrate a simple but essential gesture “.

The event took place during the usual AFI World Peace and Tolerance Award , within the French festival, where every year personalities who have distinguished themselves for their social and humanitarian actions are awarded. In addition to the hug Ceramiche Noi , official sponsor of the event, has created and delivered 7 other prizes , unique pieces always handmade with the signature of the artist Luca Baldelli .

” We have succeeded in an incredible feat, to say the least, – says Marco Brozzi , president of Ceramiche Noi (third from left in the photo) – less than 2 years ago we were desperate and out of work, today we are at the Cannes Film Festival and the whole world is there looks and admires us. A special thanks goes to Michela Scolari, internationally renowned producer and friend supporter of our history, who allowed us to make our way among the Big and get to be the official sponsor of the charity evening organized by Princess Angelique Monèt and her humanitarian association which is part of the United Nations. Our example must be seen as a beacon of hope for all those who unfortunately encounter similar difficulties “ .

At the end of the event, the Tifernate cooperative also received recognition from the Princess herself , as a symbol of tenacity and restart after the year just ended, demonstrating that when you firmly believe in your work you can overcome insurmountable difficulties and relaunch even in moments where everything he seemed lost.

Source: Tuttoggi