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About Us



Our organization was founded by Her Royal Majesty- Queen Angelique Monet Gureje-Thompson in 2012, to promote tolerance and world peace for the underrepresented people in our world. The organization, New Generation In Action (NGIA), works to promote sustainability and world peace by establishing relevant events and initiatives that help to provide audiences in an effort to raise funds and awareness to support its cause.


Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative (AFI) is the signature initiative held by NGIA. By establishing and participating in high profile events, AFI World Peace Initiative serves as a vehicle to celebrate artist’ contributions to the world.  AFI reaches out to the world using high-profile brands as a voice for underrepresented creative minds who speak to the world through their art, art with purpose.

The organization annually holds global events to achieve its philanthropic goals. NGIA, the United Nations, and AFI members dedicate themselves to the unified goal of achieving world peace through tolerance awareness. The signature AFI World Peace Initiative works alongside Marche Du Film during Festival de Cannes where it holds the globally recognized World Peace and Tolerance Awards during the festival each year. The event holds a film screening showcase to honor “Films of Purpose,” which acknowledges filmmakers for their contributions to world peace with the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement for Humanitarian & Arts” award.


To date the organization has screened and promoted nearly 100 films, exhibited fine artists, fashion designers, and has its own awards presentations. The organization has hosted emerging artists and celebrities, notably artists like Danny Simmons, Kendal Shaw, and Gabriel Meiring. The organization also hosts a film awards program and “Lifetime Achievement for Humanitarian & Arts.” The awards program has taken place in Cannes France during Festival de Cannes, New York, NY at the United Nations, and East Hampton New York at the Guild Hall.

Films of Purpose Honors

  • Danny Glover and Graham Green’s Chasing Shakespeare 
  • Jeff Bridges Living In The Future’s Past 
  • Ron Perlman Forget Us Not 
  • Nasser Aladeri A Tale of Palm Dates and Palm Trees 
  • Rob Stewart’s Shark Extinction 
  • Cheryl Halpern’s Tagore 3D
  • Barry Alexander Brown’s Son of the South (EP by Spike Lee)

In addition to AFI World Peace Initiative’s presence at Cannes, the organization works year-round to promote diversity and inclusion through youth and women empowerment platforms. Most notably, New Generation In Action is sustainability driven and works to uphold and to promote the peaceful values of our new generation. NGIA holds consultation status to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) with the United Nations. AFI World Peace Initiative currently holds events and operates from Cannes, Monaco, Saint Lucia, The Hamptons, Los Angeles, The Osun State, and the United Nations. 

Our Programs


As the parent organization to AFI World Peace Initiative, New Generation In Action (NGIA) holds special consultation status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. To fulfill its mission the organization maintains an agenda to promote inclusion globally. NGIA serves individuals by working to change the systemic viewpoints and the subsequent disadvantages, which society presently holds for the underrepresented. We must coexist and thrive as a global community before we can truly call ourselves sustainable. The organization uses media, film, educational workshops, and events to fulfill this mission.

New Generation in Action


AFI World Peace Initiative supports stories that help to promote and to define our history. By allowing art to become part of a greater worldly narrative we work to ensure that our world view supports the needs of the under-served and under-represented. The organization provides resources, education, and developmental models to help preserve indigenous artisans as it continues its work to exhibit, promote, market, and distribute films of purpose, and publish media in ways that will impact the world to create significant transformational development goals.

The company responsibilities of the Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative, a division of New Generation In Action, houses as a not-for-profit ltd., as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, where it holds special consultative status to the Economic and Social Council with the United Nations. The organization was founded by Her Royal Majesty- Queen Angelique Monet Gureje-Thompson. It is comprised of mini-festivals, innovative events, seminars, and workshops globally as a representative of the Arts: Film, Fine Art, Fashion, Music, Theatre, and Performance. The organization’s purpose is to promote peace and cultural diversity through the arts. The organization also participates with, in addition to hosting events during United Nations Conferences, Festival de Cannes, and distributes film, literature, media content, and art programs, while aiding artists with distribution worldwide.


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