“We are at a very interesting time in our life where we can no longer be apathetic about the things we care about, we don’t have the time.  This is the time stand up to make yourself count!” – Kerry David

Filmmaker Kerry David is using the power of film, storytelling, and her passion to shine a light on darkness. Her latest film, Breaking Their Silence – Women On The Frontlines Of The Poaching War, has won multiple awards including “Best Documentary” at the San Diego Intl. Film Festival. It has also won numerous awards in New Jersey, New Haven, San Francisco, Silicon Beach and at the World Peace Initiative Award at AFI Cannes in 2019.

She takes us behind the scenes of her life and talks about leaving home at 17 and moving to Hollywood and working at Paramount Pictures. Then Kerry tells us about what it was like to work with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman on projects from Mission Impossible to Eyes Wide Shut with legendary director Stanley Kubrick, and she takes us through her journey through Africa and Asia filming Breaking Their Silence.

Kerry has produced, written and developed projects, started her own production company, founded and sold Indieproducer.net -named the #1 site for filmmakers worldwide and even took a break from Hollywood to build an orphanage in Ghana and in 2017 launched OverAndAboveAfrica.com -a nonprofit that raises funds that protect endangered species.

“When I know that I want to do something, I lock onto it.” – Kerry David

In this episode, she shares the skillset and strategies she uses to get things done, how you can use your voice and power to impact change and why it’s never too late to start something new.

She also talks about what it was like navigating Hollywood in her early years, the shift after #metoo and now as a female director. We talk also talk about how Kerry broke through her fear of giving her Ted Talk, “The Last Five Minutes”, and what you can learn from it. And you don’t want to miss our story about seeing each other at the Paramount Oscar Party and what a $10,000 dress and beat-up car had to do with it.

“Looking back, I’ve always kind of known what was innately right for me.” – Kerry David

Show Notes:

  • How to become a filmmaker
  • Why to turn down certain opportunities
  • How to bridge talent with passion
  • The importance of living a passion-filled life
  • How to overcome challenges
  • Why age doesn’t matter
  • How to navigate negative energy
  • How Hollywood has changed
  • The gender dynamics in Hollywood

“This is the time to stand up and make yourself count.” – Kerry David

3 Pieces of Advice or Action Steps:

  1. Take the time out to be quiet and really check-in with yourself
  2. Trust yourself. If you genuinely have a drive to do something, then there is a reason behind it
  3. Network with genuine and authentic connection

“Just because I could live with difficult people, doesn’t mean that I have to live with difficult people.” – Kerry David

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