“Our rewards to those who have distinguished themselves in peace and tolerance”

(ANSA) – PERUGIA, 25 MAY – Ceramiche Noi’s “Embrace Award” is reconfirmed in Cannes “:” To say that we are proud is an understatement “commented Lorenzo Giornelli, commercial director of the cooperative.

“Despite the complex period – he explained – we managed not only to create an award that last year was used to award the gala evening that the United Nations promotes every year at the festival, but with this year’s reconfirmation. the Embrace Award has officially become an annual recognition that will allow us to be present as an official partner at one of the most important events taking place during the Cannes festival: the New Generation in Action and Afi World Peace Tollerance and Peace Initiative “.

The award was presented during the gala evening by Berry Alexander Brown (producer of Spike Lee) who received it first last year, before being presented to Queen Angelique Monet in honor of the reign of Eti-Oni Cocoa Farmers & Farmers Worldwide, a community of farmers in Nigeria, which, thanks to the queen, sees their work valued without exploitation.

Ceramiche Noi, the cooperative that only a few years ago had the prospect of closing and relocating the previous property to Armenia, also this year created the Embrace Award, which recalls a hug symbol of Peace and Hope. An embrace of closeness to the world population isolated from the pandemic and the war. A symbol of resilience.

A wish to return to embrace and live in peace.

During the event, other prizes, always created by Ceramiche Noi, unique handmade pieces with the signature of the artist Luca Baldelli, were given to Jeff Bridges and Claudia Gerini.

The workers of Ceramisia di Città di Castello had been notified of the relocation to Armenia in August 2019. After the first moments of discouragement, they joined in a cooperative and founded Ceramiche Noi, investing 180 thousand euros (Tfr and Naspi and taking advantage of the contributions of Coopfond and Cfi), buying the machinery used by the old owner and renting the warehouse. (HANDLE).

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