Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood came together with the UNESCO Center for Peace to endorse the 2nd annual Karl Bardosh Humanitarian Cellphone Cinema Awards at Marche du Film and congratulate Founder (HRH Princess) Angelique Monet for hosting the event and supporting the worldwide movement of mobile phone filmmaking

New Generation In Action’s AFI World Peace Initiative, a not for profit 501(c)(3) Non Government Organization which holds Consultative Status to the United Nations main division AFI World Peace Initiative hosted the 2nd Annual “Karl Bardosh Cell Phone Cinema Humanitarian Awards,” during Marche du Film via Zoom on June 26th 2020.

Hollywood director and Chairman of the Student Oscars Committee, Lawrence David Folded served as the President of the Jury, Bollywood producer and President of the Asian Academy of Film and Television, Sandeep Marwah, and HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin of Nollywood all emphasized the special importance of mobile phone filmmaking during Coronavirus lockdown.
The Awards Gala on Zoom opened with a short film documentary shot during Festival de Cannes in 2019 by Nat Geo award winning filmmakers and explorers Jeremy Lazelle and Kristen Gates. The film highlighted the mission of the World Peace & Tolerance Initiative to use films of purpose and promote under-represented people during the prestigious festival for 9 years to date. The documentary was produced by (HRH Princess) Angelique “Ademiposi” Monet and Royal Board Member HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin Solarin. The film received rave reviews from a diverse zoom virtual audience from all regions of the world, a television deal for India, and will make festival runs. Seeing the wonderful locations in of the Cannes Film Festival arose nostalgia in the participants of this Zoom event on the closing night of the Marche du Film.

Following the screening H.E. Guy Djoken of “UNESCO Center for Peace,” opened the ceremony praising Monet’s passion for peace as she speaks often at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City and how smartphone film making can solve economic and social sustainability (SDG) for film making in rural communities and for NGO’s. Now with COVID-19, His Excellency Djoken believes in this mission even more and has agreed to partner with Monet’s new start up AM ONE TV, which will teach smartphone cinema at “UNESCO Center for Peace,” Summer Camp. Professor Karl Bardosh – the “Father of Cellphone Film-making,” has agreed to join Monet in this venture.

“The platform that you are proposing today so we can can tell our stories, by doing such you Princess Angelique Monet are helping to bring peace around the world and for that I want to thank you very much,” stated H.E. Guy Djoken.

HRH Princess Adedoyin-Solarin, Honorary Royal Board Member, member of the jury, pioneer in Entertainment (starting up Nollywood film industry), an Actress, TV Producer, Journalist, TV Hostess and Humanitarian also addressed the diverse audience, from praise, to discussing the mission of the organization. “The media is the new science. Angelique knows her role as a royal and royalty is a privilege. What I learned from my Grandmother the Queen and my Dad the Prince. Royalty is about leadership and leadership is about how we serve our world and that is what Princess Angelique “Ademiposi,” has been trying to do and continues to do,” stated HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin as she closed opening remarks.

Then Monet spoke to the audience in tears about being able to host the Gala at least on Zoom despite COVID-19, and in the midst of the protests going on against social injustice going on worldwide.

Jury President Lawrence David Foldes extended the welcome of the Student Oscars to the young filmmakers in competition and congratulated Princess Angelique Monet and Professor Karl Bardosh on nurturing Cell phone Cinema. He was pleasantly surprised at the improvement in the quality of the films from last year proving there is a bright future in smartphone cinema-adding that it has been already playing a role in the Hollywood film industry as well. He suggested that films longer than three minutes should be considered for future awards as the promise of smart cinema world wide.

Prof. Karl Bardosh was humbled by how his early vision and pioneering efforts- decades later- got connected to the most noble cause of these Awards-the making and promoting Humanitarian films on Cell Phones within the mission of Princess Angelique Monet’s World Peace & Tolerance Initiative. This is actually a festival of Cell Phone Cinema Festivals in Cannes as the films invited are all winners of their national mobile film festivals from different countries with definite Humanitarian themes.

“The significance of the festival greatly increased as the widespread use of capturing events on Mobile Phone Videos has changed the world we live in by turning people into Citizen Journalists promoting social causes. Like a pen in everybody’s pocket, smartphones are always at the ready to make film. This Cell Phone Cinema Festival at the Marche du Film also aims at teaching people how to make better videos by learning the language of film and it also helps develop a more educated audience by promoting the democratization of the tools of film-making. At the same time, Mobile Phone Film-making is also gaining ground in the professional film and television industry and during the Coronavirus lock-down, smart phones became practically the only tools available for professionals,” stated Professor Karl Bardosh.

This year the impressive international jury selected 16 films as finalists and 6 winners of equal ranking received the “Karl Bardosh Cell Phone Humanitarian Awards.”
* Beneath A Silent Blue Sky by Judith Lynn Stillman – USA
* Come Back To Me – by Vineesha Arora-Sarin – India
* Still Lives by Jamie Uy – USA/Singapore
* Dandelion by Nathalie Boyer and Antonio Maria da Silva – France
* Red Armband by Xinzhi Chen – China
* With You by Izabella Mazzag- Hungary

Additional categories were launched by Founder (HRH Princess) Angelique “Ademiposi” Monet entitled “Royale Angel Youth Smartphone Award,” and the “Royale Angel Smartphone Award,” for Non Governmental Organizations using smartphones to raise awareness for their causes. Awards went to Hen Foundation Jimmy Eniola who produced a campaign with Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, and The Ring of Peace recognized by Her Majesty’s Government for work towards peace.

Co-President of the Jury, Bollywood producer Sandeep Marwah, presented two excellent NGO films and recalled how he started together with Prof. Karl Bardosh 13 years ago with the first mobile phone films of India and how the yearly Festival of Cell Phone Cinema has been successfully run ever since by his Asian Academy of Film and Television in Film City, Noida, with hundred of films entered.

At 15 years old, Abel Szazados has won the “Most Promising Youth Filmmaker Award,” for the second year in a row becoming an instant media star in his native Hungary PSA by Asher Epstein a high school sophomore also received recognition. Monet introduced DJ Zel, UK’s youngest DJ on the radio (age 10), and will serve as a Resident DJ for selected events, along with mentorship. All youth will receive mentor-ship support from Monet, and others within their creative fields.

Upon thanking the guest, the Jury and congratulating the winners Monet surprised the audience by announcing a future line up of her company Greta Joanne Entertainment in various stages of production for quality smart phone content. In addition to the confirmed launch of AM One TV an OTT (SVOD)
(AVOD) based streaming service specific to content “Made by Smartphone,” (not limited) to launch late September 2020.

“Now in this New World and Order we must adjust to a “new norm,” and smartphones and digital technology are leading a unique wave of the future. We will become the Tesla of modern day cinema offering options of film-making for all even the poor and all will have access to create cinema as long as they have a smartphone. This revolution will ensure all races, creeds. cultures, and social backgrounds have an equal footing to the entertainment industry, and the ability to have a social and economic impact in an industry controlled by a select few. Now we can be for the people, by the people and with the people in this growing evolution.

We must appreciate pioneers such a Professor Karl Bardosh who has been an innovator with humble beginnings of Hungary where he was born during the Holocaust. His Mother risked her life during a near death experience with the Hungarian Nazis who wanted to shoot her into the Danube River while protecting her newborn baby. Prof. Bardosh made a touching cell phone film about this incident in the Holocaust and we even screened the film in New York at the Permanent Mission to Hungary UN for their Remembrance of the Holocaust programming.

We hope to be back at the American Pavilion next year 2021 for the next awards in Cannes, France. However, until then we have much work to do to ensure film-making has equality, innovation, and most important education,” stated Founder and multi-media talent (HRH Princess) Angelique “Ademiposi” Monet.

At the conclusion of Marche du Film, the organization met and agreed the event would have to expand because it grew beyond expectation. High quality smartphone cinema is essential for the 2030 UN Mission of “Leave No One Behind.” Outside of the program with UNESCO Center for Peace, a global festival with a traveling tour will be launched and workshops are being lined up. There will also be innovative, curated film collections placed in museums, libraries, and educational series, “Made by Smartphone.” AI will be added within the scope of works in addition to VR.

AFI World Peace Initiative would like to thank the critically acclaimed jury
President of Jury & Artistic Director
Professor Karl Bardosh (Award winning filmmaker, Professor, Cell Phone Cinema Pioneer) USA & HUNGARY

President of the Jury
Lawrence David Foldes (Critically Acclaimed Director, serves of the Executive Committee for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and the Executive Committee to the Student Academy Award) USA

Co-President of the Jury
Sandeep Marwah (Acclaimed Filmmaker, Founder & President of Asian Academy of Film & Television, Founder of Noida Film City, Owner and Founder of Marwah Studios) INDIA

Jury Members
HRH Princess Moradeun Adedoyin-Solarin ( Television Personality, Nollywood Pioneer, Pan African Royal. Actress, Producer, Humanitarian) UK & NIGERIA
Bruno Chatelin (Veteran Expert in Film Communication and Festival Circuit, FilmFestivals.com – Co-Founder) FRANCE
Peter Ferris (Award winning filmmaker, The Ring of Peace Co-Founder, maverick entrepreneur in film, tv, and music, top 50 teacher in the Varkey Foundation’s Teachers prize) UK
Luba Balagova (President & Founder of Sochi International Film Festival & Awards) UK & RUSSIA
Petra Terzi (Award winning filmmaker, Founder of Cultural International Festivals Cyprus & Greece) CYPRUS & GREECE
Dr. Zlatina Filopova (Award winning filmmaker) BULGARIA
Gulrukh Khan (Award winning filmmaker, writer, holistic specialist) UK
Peter Terezakis ( Professor, Acclaimed Artist, Environmentalist, Filmmaker) USA
Yuan Yuan Chen (Executive, China-Hollywood Co-Production) CHINA
Karl Bardosh Cell Phone Humanitarian Awards Top 15

Top 6 Winners (In no particular order, all films receive the same ranking and honors in top 6)
* Dear Kansas City by Grace Lattan – USA
* Ice Cream and Freedom by Neno Belchev – Macedonia
* Carbon Emission Offsetting Is Fun by Max Schlesser-Australia
* Corona Circles by Daniel Csakvari- Hungary
* Mis(s) Dates by Anke Sabrina Beerman, Nina Almer Fox -Madedonia-UK
* Rain by De Re Attila Luigi – Hungary
* A Journey of Mind by Annabel Huang – China
* Stranger’s Letters by Yi Wang- USA
* What’s With Your Nails by Patrick Kelly- Australia

Youth Division:
* Box by Abel Szazados – Hungary (Abel Szazados has particpated two years in a row) “Most Promising Filmmaker
* PSA by Asher Epstein (USA)

Special Mentions
Jury President’s Special Mentions
*Violin by Mark Mezei – Hungary
* My Granny by Xinyl Wong – China
* Ciao Bella by Peter Vadocz

Artistic Directors Special Mentions for “Humanitarian Cinematic Metaphors”
A Turtle’s Dream by Olga Meinikova – Latvia
Curiosity by Dr. Miklos Szazados – Hungary

The Founder, (HRH Princess) Angelique Monet’s NGO Category
* That Girl by Ishika Tandon – AAFT- India
* Pahle India by Anuj Sengar – AAFT- India
* Hen Foundation (UK & Nigeria)
* The Ring of Peace (UK)



The New Generation In Action (NGIA) is an Non Governmental Organization that is recognized with Special Consultative Status by the United Nations. The NGIA has been utilizing the diversity of media platforms to promote RESPECT and DIGNITY across the broad spectrum of global society regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or religion. With its AFI World Peace Initiative, the NGIA has chosen film as an impactful means to educate, enligten and inform audiences of all ages around the world, with a better understanding of the existential issues facing us all today. Through its multi-media initiatives, including film screenings, and distribution to schools, universities, museums, and libraries, the NGIA has been able to engage audiences in the Middle East, Africa, India and the Far East, as well as the Americas, Europe and Oceania regions.

Source: FilmFestivals.com