May 18, 2022
Time: 12PM
Venue: Hotel Barriere Le Majestic
Address: 10 Bd de la Croisette
Zipcode: 06400
State: Provence-Alpes-Côtes d'Azur
Country: FR

Join the voices of the entertainment industry, celebrities, influencers, as they join in with corporations, executives, conservationists, and media giants as we take part in a moderated open floor, and open bar discussion, about shaping our future. We will work to utilize film as a voice, which speaks to the world about creative solutions to ignite imaginations, create new technologies and to discover sustainable solutions for our future. 

“How can the entertainment industry and world leaders begin a new narrative that goes beyond destruction to define a new vision of Coexisting and Thriving?”

The United Nations Symposium will team up with sustainable energy executives, land trusts preserving rainforest/forest, women empowerment, Indigenous/Tribal groups, conservation groups, leading tech based “think tank,” and artists who will share their story. We will not only create dialogue but discuss solutions on moving forward for the “Sustainable Goals 2030.”