LAGOS – Eti-Oni Development Group is set to hold the 8th edition of its annual cocoa festival.

The festival, according to the organisers, is to cre­ate a renaissance in the co­coa industry in a manner that will first appreciate the farmers, return dignity and self-worth to the farm­ers so that the coming gen­eration can embrace cocoa farming with pride.

The theme of this year’s festival is; ‘Royal Origin and Traditions of Cocoa – Redefining Africa’s Cocoa Industry’

HRM Queen Angeli­que-Monet Gureje-Thomp­son, Yeyeluwa Olori of Eti- Oni, President of the Group while addressing newsmen virtually on the line up of activities to mark the festi­val said the Cocoa Festival is an initiative of the Eti- Oni Development Group in its efforts in the promotion of the revitalization of the cocoa industry.

The Programme, accord­ing to her is a week-long an­nual celebration of peace, love and development in Eti-Oni, Osun State.

Speaking further, she said the celebration of the cultural heritage of Eti- Oni now in its 8th edition is also celebrating 125 years of continued production of cocoa in Eti-Oni.

Gureje-Thompson fur­ther noted that this year’s festival is geared to take a new dimension as the new­ly founded Royal Cocoa In­ternational Film Festivals, the first of its kind will be launched.

According to her, the Programme will begin on Sunday 21st November with the Cocoa Harvest Service at All Saints An­glican Church, Eti-Oni followed by the Cocoa Pod Breaking Ceremony to de­clare the festival open for a beautiful, healthy, peace­ful and bountiful 2021/22 Season.

On Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd November, there will be farmers’ training by the Farmers Business School and the Farmers Field School.

She stated that the busi­ness school is for the farm­ers to begin to see them­selves as entrepreneurs and understand the basics of owning and managing a business profitably while the field school is to help them improve on their tra­ditional farming practices to have better quality and increased production out­put.

Source: Independent

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