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10th Annual Humanitarian “World Peace & Tolerance Royal Gala” - Continues Its Sterling Reputation during the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

About the Gala

World Peace & Tolerance Royal Gala

The Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative “World Peace & Tolerance Royal Gala,” presented its tenth year of excellence, during the Cannes Film Festival, as dignitaries, celebrities and organization members all contributed to its annual celebration of humanitarian film awards. Among many initiatives during the event, humanitarian artists were recognised for their efforts to improve social consciousness, helping other creatives and the world at large to reflect on the lessons of the past.


The Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative Gala (AFIWPI) is one of the most prestigious events held during the Marche du Film festival each year.  The annual gala and its respective awards play host to important figures from all over the globe; humanitarians, dignitaries, leaders and royals gathered under the same roof with an aim to uplift peace through widespread social change.

A new generation of filmmakers and creatives made their mark; “Lady of the Year” went to Italian Actress Claudia Gerini, while “Man of the Year” went to Gianluca Chakra. Other notable honourees included Jeff Bridges, who virtually accepted his “Lifetime Achievement” award in a moving speech, Richard Kroehling – a two-time Emmy award winning director – won “Best Arts Film” and “Best Jewish Relations” for his stirring poetic anthology After: Bringing the Dead Back to Life, and Barry Alexander Brown (Recipient of last year’s “Lifetime Achievement” award, “Film of the Year” and “Best Ensemble Cast” accolades for his civil-rights era adaptation Son of the South in 2021), presented this year’s humanitarian “Embrace Award.”

Embrace Award

In a moving gesture, this year’s “Embrace Award” was dedicated to the hardworking farmers across the globe who work to keep us fed in an increasingly difficult environment. This focus on agriculture formed part of Her Royal Majesty Queen Angelique-Monet’s determination to “plant trees, not war”, and uplift farming communities around the globe and within her kingdom. Her Majesty’s organisation intends to plant 10 million trees over the next 10 years in both the kingdom of Eti-Oni of Queen Angelique-Monet, and across West Africa.


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It's never been more important to have Peace and Tolerance. Help us do good in the world.

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New Generation in Action

A Summit for Change

A summit followed the gala on Friday, held by AFIWPI’s parent organisation New Generation in Action (NGIA). An established and diverse group of talent gathered to discuss the creation of new “films of purpose”, as well as the impact of social issues on filmic expression at large. Among the many crucial topics discussed this year were culture, education, conservation & the environment, social justice for women and girls, and identity. Its mission statement is an ongoing dedication to end wars, hate, and abuse; to raise awareness for minorities, women and the unheard.

NGIA has built up a sterling reputation over the past decade; to date, the organisation has placed the spotlight on over 100 films, as well as thought-provoking fine art and up-and-coming creatives. Previous recipients of their awards program include Danny Glover & Graham Green (Chasing Shakespeare), Ron Pearlman (Forget Us Not), Nasser Aladeri (A Tale of Palm Dates and Palm Trees) and Jeff Bridges (Living in The Future’s Past).

It’s little wonder, then, that NGIA holds the honour of special consultation status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Its dedication towards promoting global inclusion and combating injustice is more than just a mission statement; it’s an obligation that the organisation fulfils gladly through the medium of film, educational workshops and events.

This year’s summit focused on the need for African Indigenous storytelling, the impact of the global marketplace, the ramifications of new-age technology, artificial intelligence (AI), smartphone cinema, and film diversification. The organisation’s founder, Her Royal Majesty Queen Angelique-Monet, finished the summit with a reflection on the last decade, even as we turn our eyes towards the next ten years and the challenges ahead.


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