The “9th Annual AFI World Peace Initiative” at the Cannes Film Festival made history while also honouring our very own Bruno Chatelin. Most of the guests were long time participants who believe in creating world peace through the arts and have attended since the beginning. The Cannes program and organization was founded by award winning multi-media talent, NGO UN Ambassador, Peace Advocate HRH Princess Angelique A. Monet who created the program in other to highlight the under-served, under-represented communities and global humanitarian issues through the main medium of film.  Now 9 years strong without interruption, despite COVID-19, the entertainment industry and humanitarians gathered for a humble and modest event that is dedicated to global change. The VIP guests included former honourees who watched the traditional performance by one of the goodwill Ambassadors Cavalier, Dr Raghunath Manet (World renowned classical Indian dancer and classical musician), who shared his classical music of Veena and spoke of world peace and his role with the organization.

The unique program hosted the “World Peace & Tolerance Summit & Awards.” Continuing to be ahead of the times, the NGO that is the main initiative of New Generation in Action which holds “Consultative Status,” to the United Nations through ECOSOC promoted “citizen journalism, smartphone cinema and the main agenda “films of purpose” as well as the “Lifetime Achievement Humanitarian Awards.”

The past 2 years also had the Executive Committee of the Student Academy Awards (Oscars) send well wishes: “I would like to send my best wishes from the Executive Committee of the Student Academy Awards here in Los Angeles. I want to congratulate the lovely Princess Angelique Monet for another successful year at AFI World Peace Initiative, especially this past year which has not been an easy year for any of us. I am really impressed with how she has been able to stick to this and bring this to a larger audience every year,” stated Lawrence David Foldes.

The Father of Cell Phone Cinema, Professor Karl Bardosh and Event Host, Desire Aman opened the event discussing the vision of Founder HRH Princess Angelique A. Monet, who joined remotely via zoom started with a rendition of an African American spiritual “Lift Every Voice & Sing” coupled with Native American traditional chants after which she requested the audience to observe a moment of silence for those who were no longer with us and briefly gave her address. Monet discussed the vision of being one people and the importance of utilizing the arts as the main medium for tolerance.

Following, Bruno Chatelin was honoured by the organisation with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his “Contribution to Film & Television.” Bardosh and Monet praised Bruno Chatelin for his contribution to the organisation of film festivals, independent filmmakers, and the international film communities.

Special honours went to Oscar winner Spike Lee as Executive Director for the film “Son of the South.” The organization honoured Spike in addition with his long – time collaborator and two-time Oscar nominee, Barry Alexander Brown with “The Embrace Award” for his body of work that has championed over 40 years of films that has led to “Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice.” Hollywood Actor Matt William Knowles, who played Jim Zwerg in Son of the South, was also in attendance and he introduced Brown and spoke of Monet’s shared hometown of Greenville, South Carolina: “First of all, I would like to thank Barry Alexander Brown the Director of “Son of The South,” and his long time collaboration with Spike Lee. For over 40 years, he’s created movies that impacted people and changing the world,” stated Knowles.

The awards were made by Ceramic Ceramic Cooperative Noi in Castillo, Umbria. In addition to “The Embrace Awards,” Ceramic Noi creates prizes handmade and unique pieces with the signature artist Luca Baldelli. Lorenzo Giornelli was present to present the awards.


Lucia Kaiser (“Golden Jubilee and Lifetime Achievement Award”) over 50 years in “Entertainment & Arts”)

Manuel Collas de La Roche (Critically Acclaimed Filmmaker, Founder & President Better World Fund)

His Highness, Domizio Cipriani (Businessman, President and Grand Master Ordre of Templars Principality of Monaco, Author, Writer and Martial Arts Master

Priska Medam (Fine Artist & Humanitarian)

New Generation in Action Awards

About the New Generation in Action Awards

Since 2019, the organization honours a Lady, who has achieved in humanitarian efforts with an emphasis on film, yearly. In 2019, Philanthropist and award winning filmmaker, Cheryl Halpern was the 1st recipient at the American Pavilion (Cannes Film Festival). Seeing the need to highlight the New Generation that has created sustainable models that lead to fulfilling the SDG2030 goals of the United Nations, the Advisory Board chose to add this special category. NGIA awards are unique because the category is not given annually and are made on a case by case basis. Additional awards now include “Gentleman of the Year,” and “Youth of the Year.” Each honouree in this category has also participated in and contributed to thematic programs with New Generation in Action which holds ECOSOC status to the United Nations whilst AFI World Peace Initiative is the organisation’s main global initiative.


Lady of the Year 2021: Michela Scolari (Award winning filmmaker and scholar)

Gentleman of the Year 2021: Jon Gosier (Film Finance, Investor, Philanthropist)

Youth of the Year 2021: DJ Zel (AFI World Peace Initiative Resident DJ), youngest DJ on radio UK, Humanitarian)

Additional Highlights of the “World Peace & Tolerance Summit,” included the film awards. Standing on its own is Spike Lee’s long-time collaborator and Two Time Oscar nominee Barry Alexander Brown’s “Son of the South,” Executive Produced by Oscar winner, Spike Lee. The film received a “Merit of Excellence” and is the organization’s “Film of the Year 2021” and also “Best Ensemble Cast” based on historical figures. The film is a standalone because it was championed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, with “the MLK I have a Dream Award” and “Best World Peace & Tolerance Narrative Feature Film” on January 8th, 2021. Since then, the film has been a champion to combat social injustice and teach the non-violent movement of the Freedom Riders that launched the Civil Rights movement.

After singing “Lift Every Voice & Sing,” Founder Monet stated, “60 years later, after Civil Rights we are still fighting. We are still trying. Barry Alexander Brown thank you for your contribution to cinema and being a champion of hope with over 40 years of film.”

Traditional AFI World Peace Initiative Film Awards:

“Martin Luther King Jr. I Have a Dream Award” to “Ahimsa: Gandhi – The Power of the Powerless” by Ramesh Sharma

“Best World Peace & Tolerance Narrative Feature Film” to “Tango Shalom” by Gabriel Bologna


“Honourable Mention, Preservation of Antiquity Heritage Award” to “The Brazilian Templars Mystery” by Anyxtee


“Best New Age Technology in Handheld Technology Smartphone Cinema Award” to “Between Mountains” by Vineesha Arora Sarin

About N.G.I.A. AFI World Peace Initiative

The New Generation in Action (NGIA) AFI World Peace Initiative is an award winning Non Governmental Organization that is recognized with Special Consultative Status by the United Nations through ECOSOC founded by multi-media talent HRH Princess Angelique A. Monet.  The NGIA has been utilizing the diversity of media platforms to promote RESPECT and DIGNITY across the broad spectrum of global society regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or religion. With its AFI World Peace Initiative, the NGIA has chosen film as an impactful means to educate, enlighten and inform audiences of all ages around the world, with a better understanding of the existential issues facing us all today. Through its multi-media initiatives, including film screenings, and distribution to schools, universities, museums, and libraries, the NGIA AFI World Peace Initiative has been able to engage audiences in the Middle East, Africa, India and the Far East, as well as the Americas, Europe and Oceania regions.

Additional programs include smartphone cinema education and awards, youth, girls & women campaigns, space education for youth and artificial intelligence education. The organization hosts events at the United Nations Headquarters, The Hamptons (USA), Cannes Film Festival, Monaco, London, UAE 2021).

Since COVID-19, the organization through partnerships has hosted over 300 hours of on-line meetings, workshops and training and implemented new programs to combat diversity and inclusion globally.

The organization has taken pride in honouring “films of purpose.” This includes promoting Hollywood celebrities that also create work for the greater good. Previous Celebrities include  Ron Perlman (Best Narrator, Forget Us Not), Danny Glover (Best Actor, From Above Former Chasing Shakespeare), Graham Greene (Special Merit, Eric Roberts (Best Supporting Actor, Road to the Open), Dougie Doug (Best Historical Narration), the late Peter O’Toole (Legacy Award), Jeff Bridges (Best Narration, Living In The Future’s Past) and also, many other Hollywood celebrities whom we have supported in their work include names such as Isaiah Washington, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Eriq Ebounay. Gaia Weiss, NY Times Best seller, Adriana Mather (descendant of Pilgrim Coton Mather), Two Time Oscar Nominee Barry Alexander Brown “Son of The South”.